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Hawaii Mau A Mau
  The Hawaiians  

Hawaii Mau A Mau

Offline and online HD edit. Installation piece begins with the question "Who Are the Hawaiians?" and continues to explore the spirit and expression of Native Hawaiian people and culture. Running continually at the Royal Hawaiian Centerʻs Kaulani Room for the 2008/2009 year. Produced by Kamehameha Schools, 2008. TRT 6:30.

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The Hawaiians

Online HD edit, title creation. Documentary of the Hawaiian people, culture and land. An early cut opened the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian in 2005 and currently Broadcast on PBS nationally. Produced by FilmWorks Pacific, 2006. TRT 58:00. Japanese Version, TRT 30:00.

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Offline & online HD edit, second unit camera, audio mix. Behind the scenes documentary of the Maui theatre show, Ulalena, now in its 9th year. Theatrical and DVD distribution. Produced by Lewalani LLC, 2008. TRT 26:45.

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Life or Meth
Malama Ka Aina

ICE: Hawaii’s Crystal Meth Epidemic

Online edit. Documentary exploring the usage of methamphetamine and its impact in Hawaii. Simulcast on all television stations, commercial free in September 2003. Produced by FilmWorks Pacific, 2003. TRT 60:00.


Life or Meth: Hawaii’s Youth

Online edit. Documentary on the prevelance of methamphetamine and its impact on Hawaiis youth. Co-produced by FilmWorks Pacific and RecoveryWorks, 2004. TRT 60:00.


Malama Ka Aina

Online edit, promo creation, graphic design. Documentary on the Island of Niihau. Produced by Ohana Productions. Film festival and DVD Distribution, 2005. TRT 25:00.

Todayʻs Scouts, Tomorrowʻs Leaders

PNTV Promo

Offline & online video edit, audio mix. Short promotional for Pacific Network TV, an online television station, featuring 9 channels of Hawaii and Hawaiia centric content. Produced by Pacificnetwork.tv, 2007. TRT 5:00.


Todayʻs Scouts, Tomorowʻs Leaders

Offline HD Edit. Mini documentary highlighting the values and benefits to youth that participate in the Boy Scouts of America. Produced by The Aloha council and Pacific Health, 2008. TRT 8:30.


24/7 Surf

Offline & online edit, graphic design, animation and composite. High intensity promo created to demo interactive surf channel. Produced by 24/7 Surf, 2006. TRT 3:00.

Elite Forces
Ulitmate Body Sculpt

Express Workouts

DVD graphic design & author. 15 short workouts featuring Gilad from Fit TV on a 2 DVD interactive set. Produced by Gilad Productions, 2007. TRT: 150:00.


Elite Forces

Multicam edit, documentary camera, graphic design, audio mix, DVD design. Fitness workout on the deck of the USS BonRichard and ‘making of’ documentary special feature. Produced by Gilad Productions, 2007. Workout: TRT 55:00. Documentary special feature: 7:00.


Ultimate Body Sculpt

Multicam edit, graphic and DVD design. Three one hour workouts on the shores of Oahu. Produced by Gilad Production, 2006. Approximately 60:00 each.

QuickFit System
Taichi for Daily Life

Infomercial created for the QuickFit System

Offline & online edit, graphic, animation & audio mix. Distribution on multiple cable stations. Produced by Gilad Productions, 2008. TRT 28:30.



Taichi for Daily Life – 20 Simple Exercises to Cultivate Chi

Offline & online video edit, graphic design, audio mix, DVD design & author, creation of print elements. Instructional Taichi interactive DVD with special features. Produced by Dr. Greg Yuen, 2008. TRT 88:00.